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Welcome to my website! My name is John den Ouden, also known as Johnnie Do.
I have been a motorcycle stuntrider for the last 18 years. Over the years I have achieved many titels like Dutch and Belgian stuntriding champion.

My career as a stuntrider has given me the opportunity to travel the world participating in shows and competitions.
You might even have seen me on TV doing stunts in commercials, music videos and TV shows!

I was born and raised in the Netherlands and i’m now living in Belgium.

My latest project is the where I share my knowledge and passion with my students so that they can learn to wheelie in a 100% safe way!

John den Ouden
John den Ouden - Motorcycle stuntrider


A stuntshow at your event?

I have a long history in performing stuntshows, with over 200 successful shows at events around the world. Varying from a local open house up to the MotoGP, performing for the eyes of thousands of spectators.

A stuntshow is a unique form of entertainment, which makes every event an unforgettable experience for young and old!
Stuntshows can be fully customized to suit the customer, whether it is to promote a new product or entertaining the audience at an event.

Are you interested in booking a motorcycle stuntshow?
Then do not hesitate to contact me.

wheelie leren

Learn to wheelie 100% safe in just 4 hours!

At the you can learn to wheelie in a 100% safe way.
Our specially prepared motorcycles are equipped with a mechanism that makes crashing impossible!

With the professional guidance of Johnnie Do you will learn all the steps to the perfect wheelie in just 4 hours.

Do you want to learn wheelies like a pro?
Click the link below to book your spot in one of our lessons!

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