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John den Ouden, also known as Johnnie Do is a Dutch stuntriding pioneer and former stuntriding champion.
Being a stuntrider for over 18 years he accomplished titles like 4 times Dutch champion, Belgian Champion, 4th place in the European championships and 7th place in the World championships.

He was one of the first international stuntriders in the world to be booked in Asia to perform shows in Indonesia.
And the first stuntrider in the Benelux to perform stunts on a Harley-Davidson.
You might even have seem him on tv doing stunts in commericals, music videos and tv shows!

John was born and raised in the Netherlands and now living in Belgium.

His latest project is the Wheelie School where he shares his knowledge and passion with his students so they can learn to wheelie in a 100% safe way!

John den Ouden


Johnnie Do has a long history in doing stuntshows, with over a 200 successful shows on many events all over the world. Varying from a local open house up to the MotoGP, performing for the eyes of thousands of spectators.

A stuntshow is a form of affordable entertainment, guaranteed to make your event an unforgettable experience for young and old!
Our main priority is to make your event a success! We can fully customize our show to your needs, whether it is to promote a new product or to entertain your loyal customers.

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In 2019 Johnnie Do launched the first Belgian Wheelie School.

At the WheelieSchool you can learn to wheelie a motorcycle in a 100% safe and controlled way.
Our specially prepared motorcycles are equipped with a mechanism that makes it unable to crash.

In the 4 hour workshop Johnnie Do guides you step by step to the perfect wheelie!

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